The Covid-19 Coronavirus has dealt the entire world a swift and serious blow. With the help of our incredible First Responders , dedicated Health Professionals and committed governmental leaders, we will get through this daunting challenge. We are Americans, we are tough and resilient and we will face and overcome a challenge (as we have endless times before),only to embrace a bright future ahead… as life soon gets back to normal!
We have continuously served the fine jewelry needs of Long Island, for 95 years. Now, we must be concerned about the safety of our “Gennaro Family” of jewelry professionals and the huge “family” of customers that we faithfully serve.We pray for those that might be strickened and wish them a speedy recovery.
As a result of mandates from Governor Cuomo this morning, we will unexpectedly close today- Friday March 20th, so that we can all “socially distance”. We look forward to seeing all of our friends, after this challenge has been defeated. Though we must temporarily close, we will absolutely notify you of our re-opening date, as soon as possible.
If you need to get in touch with us, you can Email us at :
We wish you and your families the very best of health! Stay safe!
Gary Hudes - Owner of Gennaro Jewelers in BellmoreGary
Gary Hudes- President
Gennaro Jewelers
since 1923