Diamond Guide – Part 4 – Diamond Jewelry Care

Diamonds are ‘forever’ as they are the hardest known substances on earth, but it is still important to maintain it with diamond jewelry care. In life and day-to-day activities, it is inevitable that our precious diamond pieces get dirty and soiled. Even diamonds can be scratched, chipped or dulled if not handled correctly. With proper care, they can last a lifetime and can even be handed down as heirlooms to future generations without losing their shine and sparkle. Here are some tips that will help you to preserve the life and beauty of your diamond:

Cleaning of Diamond Jewelry

Regular cleaning of Diamond Jewelry is essential to maintain the shine and brilliance of diamonds. As you wear them, they get dirty as you use various skin and body care regimens such as soaps, lotions, and even our skin’s natural oils. Even when you are not wearing them, they collect dust. If you are cleaning your diamond jewelry on your own, it will take a few minutes but before cleaning, you should be aware of both the cleaning at home and cleaning by a professional jeweler:

Recommendations for Cleaning Diamond Jewelry

  • You can use a small soft brush such as an eyebrow or lip stick brush, soap, and water to clean your diamond jewelry. Simply blend a bowl of warm sudsy water with a mild detergent and gently place your jewelry pieces in the mixture. Then brush the diamonds with the soft bristles of the brush while they are in the suds. You will need to make certain that you rinse them clear of the suds after cleaning them. After this process, use a soft cloth or a jewelry polish cloth to pat them dry.
  • If you feel that your diamond jewelry is in need of a stronger cleansing, then you can use a solution of one part ammonia and six parts water for cleaning the diamonds. Once they soak for 30 minutes, remove them and gently brush the mountings with a small soft brush. Then use the mixture of soap and water to wash them, then use a soft cloth to pat them dry.
  • If you find yourself too busy to be mixing soaps and ammonia, you can use liquid jewelry cleaners which are sold by many department and jewelry stores. You can find these liquid jewelry cleaners in kit form. Just follow all the written precautions and instructions for cleaning.
  • In the cleaning process, treat metal settings gently, as gold can scratch.
  • It is also a good idea to have them cleaned once a year by a professional jeweler, where he will check the security of the settings. He will also give advice for the repair of loose or bent prongs, which hold your diamond in place. This will prevent your diamond from falling out of its setting and becoming lost.

Storing of Diamond Jewelry

The storing of diamond jewelry is also important as a diamond can scratch another diamond, as well as other jewelry pieces. Below are some tips relative to the storage of diamond jewelry:

  • Diamond jewelry should be stored individually in a soft cloth pouch to ensure that a diamond cannot scratch other diamonds or other jewelry.
  • Diamond jewelry pieces are best stored in a fabric-lined jewel case or in a box with compartments or dividers.

Precautions for Wearing Diamond Jewelry

  • You should not wear diamond jewelry while doing heavy work. Even though a diamond is extremely durable, it can be chipped by a hard blow, and even everyday activity can loosen jewelry settings.
  • You should avoid situations where your diamonds come in contact with chlorine bleach, hair spray or other chemicals because they can pit or discolor the mounting.

If you follow the above-mentioned care tips then your diamond jewelry will always shine and sparkle like new.