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The below-listed diamonds are listed at the time of availability. While we try to keep our list of available diamonds current, diamonds can be sold at any moment and therefore, would no longer be available for purchase. Prices listed do not include tax. 

Earth Grown vs Lab Grown
The diamonds listed on our site are from diamond cutters and wholesale dealers across the country. They are carefully listed by their “Earth Grown” and “Lab Grown” diamond designation. Since they are posted on our site directly by the diamond dealers, some list their diamonds clearly on the front page as “Lab Grown’ and some do not. In order to determine whether a diamond listed is “Earth Grown” or “Lab Grown”, please view the GIA certificate.

Because of the constant fluidity of our inventory, diamonds listed might no longer be available due to their pending sale. Although our list is updated on a regular basis, because of our sales volume, our inventory  is not shown  in real time.